Karpet Buana Standar

Karpet Buana Standar

Juni 22, 2015 Komentar Dinonaktifkan pada Karpet Buana Standar By elu_kasep


Specification :

  • Fiber : Polypropylene
  • Thickness : 3 mm
  • Backing : Latex
  • Roll Size : 2 x 30 m ( 60 m2 )

BK602-611 BK603-611 BK604-611 BK605-611 BK606-611 BK611-611 BK610-611 BK609-611 BK608-611 BK607-611 BK612-611 BK613-611 BK615-611 BK616-611 BK618-611 BK806-611 BK621-611 BK620-611 BK619-611

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